Volvo Series
VOLVO brand is established in 1927. For a long time, its strong brands are associated with its three core values: quality, safety and care for the environment.
Cummins Series
BAIFA Cummins series adopt CUMMINS engines. Through near ten years of cooperation with CUMMINS, BAIFA C series with its high reliability, low use and maintenance cost win the loyalty of many customers...
MTU Series
The history of MTU can be traced back to the 18th century of mechanical times. Now, following its good traditions, MTU comes out top among manufacturers of engines in the world owing to its unexampled...
Perkins Series
German DEUTZ Engine Company has transfered allGerman DEUTZ Engine Company is a world famous engine manufacturer, with the technical improving, 226B series have been used and tested thousands of times ...
Scania Series
BF-SC series, The best fuel economy, durability and reliability in medium power range, Scania engine reputed to be the royal power. From 275 kva to 625 kva.
Mitsubishi series
BF-SM series select Mitsubishi heavey duty diesel engine, compelling for its low investment, reliable solution for high power emergency standby power. From 700 to 2500kva.