MTU Series
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As one of few MTU generator sets OEM,
Baifa M series high-power generator set, powered by MTU (Germany Daimler Benz group members)
electronic injection diesel engine.
They are built for world best quality, efficiency and environment protection.
Avaliable in 825 to 3250kva.
Favorable in high-end market, used as emergency power supply for
power station; airport; skyscapers; data center ; jumbo factories and etc.

The MTU history can be traced back to the 18th century. With the excellent and advanced technology, the MTU engine is one of the best quality products in the world. All Baifa-M series will get 24 hour engine technical/after sale/parts support from more than 650 MTU dealer and service agent around the globe.

Engine Feature
1. MTU 2000 and 4000 series engine launched in early 1997, is the world's rare containing 
MDEC electronic monitoring management system of diesel engine,series 4000, is the world's first application of sync rail fuel injection system technology of large diesel engine.

2. ADEC collection and self-inspection the main parameters while operation, realize complete combustion by the highly advanced electronic fuel injection. This technology ensures that MTU engine has the best fuel consumption rate, minimum start-up and the smoke, when the sudden load the best cold start performance.

3. The fuel economy and environmental performance in the current outshine others in the world, no overhaul period up to 30000 hours, far more than the other diesel engine 10000 to 20000 hours. MDEC system also provide a fault diagnosis and fault code display function.

4. MTU2000 and structure of 4000 series engine: water cooler, emission turbo, four stroke, V block 900 Angle, the 2000 series intake mainly air to air cold type, 4000 series water to air cold type.

5. MTU2000 and 4000 series engine emissions reached German air force TA LUFT standard, the 
California Air Resources board CARB, US environment protection Bureau EPA and EURO 
environmental protection standard II.