Scania Series
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BF-SC series
BF-SC series, The best fuel economy, durability and reliability in medium power range, Scania engine reputed to be the royal power.
From 275 kva to 625 kva.

Scania engine feature:
Unique modular design of Scania engines is one of the biggest advantages. All engines manufactured by using the same basic components. The main difference is that a number of cylinder - 5 cylinders, cylinder six or eight cylinders. Because each engine is using the same basic components, therefore can easily control the spare parts inventory. The after-sales service at the same time it is to operate service & maintenance, also faster part supply. For Baifa more spare parts availability, means more security and less fault maintenance time. Based on the successful experience of the past 100 years, we firmly believe that since you choose scania, scania will become your most reliable partner.

BF-SC engine is the application of the lower operation cost Reduce the running cost by extend oil change cycle to more than 60% of other diesel engines (up to 400 
hours), adopt efficient finer centrifugal oil through a filter, simply maintenance/clean, no need to replace filter. Lowest the engine fuel consumption, application and continuous power generation is the goal and focus of Baifa-SC series.

The electronic engine management and pump nozzle system –Economical and Environmental
BF-SC series Scania engine has electronic engine management system (EMS), it is designed for use in heavy load and more demanding work environments, and maintain a high reliability, and can effectively reduce the exhaust emission and fuel consumption.