Real Estate Client BF-C1000S 
Oct,2014.Providing the containerized diesel generator for real estate client in china. 

Our containerized diesel generator characteristic: 
1. Manufacture and design genset’s container according to ISO container standards, gensets below 1000KVA adopt 20’ft container and above 1250KVA adopt 40’ft container; 
2. Container with CSC/CSC certificate, the complete containerized gensets can be shipped by shipping lines, which saves the shipping cost; 
3. Two flameproof lights fixed inside of the container and another one fixed in the control panel, which will be easy for operating and maintenance; 
4. Container can be open from front and back, doors in two sides and one ladder in one side; 
5. All hinges, locks, screws are stainless steel, inside of the container fixed with anti wave, rainproof accessory; 
6. Control panel and output panel on the same side of container which is easy for operating and connecting; 
7. Fix PMG(Permanent magnet Generator) as standard which ensure the gensets can be started easily and offer stable power; 
8. Special design on fuel tank, fuel supply pipes, oil drain and muffler, etc, are well appreciated by clients;